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Decision Insights for Business and Society (DIBS)

DIBS is a behavioural research and policy solutions initiative at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Our mission is to improve the outcomes across major social challenges by improving our understanding of decision-making and helping people make better choices—choices that are better for the individual and better for the world.


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We conduct cutting-edge decision science research to understand how people make decisions and how to help them make better decisions. Learn more or meet our researchers.We use Behavioural Insights and rigorous experimental methods to solve challenges brought to us by our partners in government, industry, and beyond. Meet our researchers and our partners.We are helping to build a Behavioural Insights community that connects researchers, government, industry, & the community. Attend one of our events and meet our partners.We develop and deliver training to build Behavioural Insights literacy and capacity:

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BIG Difference BC 2019
In 2020, we will be launching an Advanced Professional Certificate in Behavioural Insights! Learn more  December 2019

BIG Difference BC 2019
BIG Difference BC 2019 was a big success with a sold-out audience of close to 200 people from government, Crown corps, the private sector, and academia. Read more!  November 2019

BIG Difference BC 2019

Registration and the call for submissions are now open for BIG Difference BC 2019. Join us on November 29, at UBC Robson Square, for a keynote address from Professor Dilip Soman from the University of Toronto, lightning talks from BI practitioners, and an afternoon networking reception.  July 2019


DIBS researchers Kate White and Dave Hardisty co-wrote a Harvard Business Review article about how to close the "green gap" and help consumers' actions match their good intentions. Great work, Kate & Dave!  June 2019

Jiaying Zhao

DIBS researcher Jiaying Zhao is newly tenured. Congratulations, Associate Professor Zhao!  May 2019

David Hardisty

DIBS researcher Dave Hardisty is the 2019 recipient of the UBC Sauder Research Excellence Award, Junior Category! Congratulations, Dave!  April 2019

Kate White

DIBS researcher Kate White is the 2019 recipient of the UBC Sauder Research Excellence Award, Senior Category. Another round of congratulations, Kate!  April 2019

Kate White

DIBS researcher Kate White is the 2019 recipient of the UBC Killam Research Prize in the Arts & Humanities! Congratulations, Kate!  February 2019