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  About DIBS


Decision Insights for Business and Society (DIBS)

DIBS is a behavioural research and policy solutions initiative at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Our mission is to improve the outcomes across major social challenges by improving our understanding of decision-making and helping people make better choices—choices that are better for the individual and better for the world.

Why Decision Insights

Every day we make hundreds of small decisions—what to eat, how much to save, and how to commute. With 7.7 billion people making these decisions 365 days a year, the impacts of these small, individual decisions can add up to big, societal problems, such as the obesity epidemic, pension crises, and climate change.

Decision science is a sub-field of psychology, consumer behaviour, economics, and related fields that explores why and how people make decisions small and large.

Behavioural Insights (BI) draws on decision science to encourage people to make better choices—choices that are better for the individual decision-maker and better for the world.

DIBS combines decision science research and behavioural insights practice to create decision insights for business and society—insights that harness the power of individual decisions to solve societal problems and change our collective future.

What We Do


Decision Science Research

Behavioural Insights Practice

Behavioural Insights Network

Behavioural Insights Training

We conduct cutting-edge decision science research to understand how people make decisions and how to help them make better decisions. Meet our researchers.We use Behavioural Insights and rigorous experimental methods to solve challenges brought to us by our partners in government, industry, and beyond. Meet our researchers and our partners.We are helping to build a Behavioural Insights community that connects researchers, government, industry, & the community. Attend one of our events and meet our partners.We develop and deliver training to build Behavioural Insights literacy and capacity. Attend one of our events.

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